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How to Replace a Bathroom Drain and Sink Trap

Replacing a drain assembly on a bathroom sink isn't all that tough. Tool Dude Tony walks you through the process step-by-step in this episode of How to Fix S...

  • bathroom sink

    bathroom sink

    Fulfil plumbing and installed the sink today. Missing one escutcheon but that can recess. A small cabinet, a mirror and some more trim and we might be done.

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  • bathroom sink

    Bathroom sink

    i in the final analysis like the handles on our facet for some reason. the sink is nice too.

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  • house bathroom sink


    This is how the sink and in France pissoir look right now. The sink doesn't have the drain hooked up yet, and the cap plates are off the electrical outlets because they both need a mess of replacing. Penitent about the tools...

    Photo by smellsofbikes on Flickr

  • How demanding is it to fix a leak under a bathroom sink?

    Our bathroom sink is leaking where the decorations meets the pipe that goes into the wall. How can we tell what expanse the pipe is? What special tools (if any) are needed? As a result of you.

    Bathroom sink traps are either 1 1/4" or 1 1/2". Tools needed would be channellock fount pliers if you cannot unscrew the slip joints by part. Possible leaks could be: the slip joint washer might have failed. Supplant it with a new one. Make sure...

  • At the Bathroom Sink, Razors Face Off

    The return of facial hair, whether in the form of artful scruff or hipster beard, has been a major trend in men's grooming over the last decade. But it can't last forever; at least, that is what the founders of several up-and-coming razor companies hope.

  • Plumber: Advice on vessel-type bathroom sinks

    Q: My wife and I are installing a new bathroom sink. We agreed on a "vessel"-style sink, but had no idea that we had so many material choices. We're leaning toward a "natural stone" vessel sink. To help us with a final decision, can you please tell us

  • Study Shows Bathroom Sink is More Contaminated Than the Toilet

    A recent study undertaken by the bacteria testing department at BioCote shows that bacteria don't always thrive in the places we would expect. BioCote took multiple samples from objects and surfaces in a public disabled toilet and tested them for

  • VIGO Releases New Bath Faucet Finish & Several New Vessel Sink and Faucet ...

    VIGO, a manufacturer of modern kitchen and bath products, offers consumers a variety of choices when it comes to renovating their bathrooms. Not only do they offer modern and attractive vessel sinks, they also offer single hole, vessel, and wall

  • Sirens: Meth Possession; Criminal Trespass; Shoplifting Turns Into Robbery ...

    Sirens: Meth Possession; Criminal Trespass; Shoplifting Turns Into Robbery; Broken Bathroom Sink. Story · Commenting. Print: Create a hardcopy of this page; Font Size: Default font size: Larger font size. Posted: Tuesday, October 22, 2013 10:22 am.

31 Days Under the Bathroom Sink for Men - At People's home With The Barkers

Day 23: Under the Bathroom Sink for Men After being married for over 19 years, I have well-grounded a few things about my husband. I decided a while back that when my husband was ready to clean up or organize some of his things he would do it, in his time. After I cleaned under my sink carry on week {Day 18} I had hoped my husband would do the same. I even bought him a storage drawer like I put under my sink. Source: At Home With The Barkers
RT @chelsiereardon: Joe Higgins filling the bathroom sink full to the brim of orange sick MMMmmmmMMM
Joe Higgins filling the bathroom sink full to the brim of orange sick MMMmmmmMMM
RT @Perspective_pic: Bathroom sink.
@30SomethingMel Crazy colour works like a dream- it will work trust me. Be prepared for a messy bathroom sink though ;) x
RT @ReneeTFDVP: I walked into the public bathroom and laughed at the dumbass who left their underwear on the sink when i realized it was me.
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    John Wiley & Sons. 2010. ISBN: 1118052390,9781118052396. 170 pages.

    Want to save time, money, and frustration on plumbing repair and replacement? Do it yourself! Plumbing Do-It-Yourself For Dummies turns even the most daunting household plumbing project into a simple, step-by-step process that delivers professional-quality results at a fraction of what you'd have to pay a plumber—and you won't have to wait weeks for an appointment. From fixing leaks and drips to caulking a tub or shower, to replacing a faucet, you'll discover how to tackle 40 of the most...

  • The Bathroom Planner

    Chronicle Books. 2001. ISBN: 0811831167,9780811831161. 112 pages.

    An interesting and functional resource for anyone looking to remodel or build an entirly new bathroom is complemented by two hundred inspiring full-color photographs and countless ideas that allow for easy mixing and matching of wall options, fixtures, storage solutions, floors, and much more.

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    Taunton Press. 2007. ISBN: 1561588369,9781561588367. 218 pages.

    Full-color photographs and descriptive text offer more than 350 decorating ideas for bathrooms, covering layout, fixtures, tubs, showers, floors, walls, ceilings, lighting, heating, cooling, storage, and finishing touches.

  • About the House with Henri de Marne

    Upper Access Books. 2013. ISBN: 094267930X,9780942679304. 453 pages.

    "For over 32 years, homeowners throughout the US and Canada have depended on Henri de Marne to answer their questions in his syndicated newspaper column, 'First Aid for the Ailing House'. With this book, you can find the answers whenever you need them. De Marne has updated all the answers for this book, to reflect the latest in research, materials, methods, concerns, and tastes. The result is a comprehensive manual for today's homeowners, a ready reference to consult whenever things go wrong...