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DIY Shelving Unit With Allison Oropallo: No Man's Land

Allison Oropallo of HGTV's All-American Handyman helps Anna and Shelly build an originally-designed 9'x11' shelving unit! Subscribe to DIGS! http://www.youtu...

  • house shelving organization

    Owner's bedroom shelving

    No shelving existed in this office. Added five shelves, reunited books I wanted to preserve out of the main shelving areas, and started shifting personal items to these shelves. I will in all likelihood eventually move some more...

    Photo by domesticat on Flickr

  • wood blue white window found bedroom shelves cyberpunk salvaged

    bedroom shelving

    I built a two of shelves in my room from found lumber.

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  • house shelving organization

    Roomer bedroom shelving

    Took down three little shelves, replaced with six generous ones spaced to look on hardbacks. All contents of the old shelves are up; there's plenty of room left to ruse books from the reading room -- soon to be the...

    Photo by domesticat on Flickr

  • How can i estimate my bedroom look bigger?

    My bedroom is relatively small is there a way i can make it look a bit bigger!?

    my answer depends on your age. IF you are immature this will work really well (we are doing same for 15yr daughter in a bantam room with a small closet first we took the top half of a bunk bed and raised it 8inches (this is why you necessity to be young -...

  • A small but elegant French Quarter apartment provides the perfect backdrop for ...

    Open shelving prevents the tiny kitchen from looking even smaller, but Putt didn't place an ultimate premium on practicality, even in the 6 foot-by-8 foot room. He had a cubby with a small overhead light installed above the stove vent; it houses a

  • On the market: Refreshing change

    (There's a convenient laundry room off of this hall.) The master bedroom has its own small fireplace, along with lots of windows. The bathroom has a walk-in closet with a variety of shelves. The basement features one finished room, and there's an

  • Andy Warhol Schlepped Here

    “It's my new favorite thing to do,” he said as he stepped into his windowed dressing room, where dozens of suits hang on a rod and scores of professionally laundered shirts are stacked on Metro shelving. “This must have been a small bedroom at one time

  • What Is Mitt Romney Hiding in His New House's Hidden Room?

    You can see the room in the blueprint at right. It's a little over 50 square feet, twice as long as it is wide. The document marks where the "hidden door" will be built in to shelving in the adjacent study. It's next to the "powder room" and the "coat

  • Kid's Room Contest: Readers' choice winner

    a dungeon, hidden passage, trap door, winding staircase, slide and shelving over two weekends. That creation earned the most votes online to be the 2013 Kid's Room Contest readers' choice, with a $150 prize. “There are examples of castle beds

Pint-sized Bedroom Ideas: 5 DIY Wooden Shelves For Tiny Sleeping ...

I didn't cognizant of the phrase "swing shelf" so I was doing searches for "rope shelf" and "hanging shelf. The most interesting tip I saw was to use imbecilic rope and stick a dowel through the twist to act as a support for the shelf. com/2013/02/diy-hanging-rope-shelf-ideas-seafaring. I like the first table and the drawer shelf the most. Just as parents know what areas are likely to be risky for their kids and don't have to live in a Nerf and bubble wrap world, pet owners/slaves/caretakers know their furballs' habits. Measure off the point I know and I do like the idea of the 'hanging shelf' though I would break it first time I tried to use it - but whenever I hark to about small bedrooms and lack... Source: Green Living | Apartment Therapy
Small bedroom/office idea. Put shelving/drawers with window in center and desk space below window
I bought a shelving unit for my bedroom but I just realized I have no place to put it.....
What kid wouldn't love a "book nook" in their bedroom?! Instead of shelving, use plastic rain gutte
Shelving in bedroom - against one wall - lots of features.
The tidying that is occurring in my bedroom this afternoon is thrilling #mmm #clean #organised #storagesystems #shelving #walls #floor #yay
  • Building Your Dream House

    Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.. 2013. ISBN: 1402700865,9781402700866. 463 pages.

    Don't build - or remodel - a home without it! William Spence - whose guides on carpentry, construction methods, and home maintenance are critically acclaimed and have won raves from such publications as Library Journal, Woodshop News, and Publishers Weekly - now presents all the ins and outs of house building from start to finish, foundation to roof. Remarkably comprehensive, and illustrated with more than 650 color photos and more than 250 color drawings, this compendium is arranged in three...

  • Creating Your Dream Bedroom

    Sterling Publishing Company. 2013. ISBN: 140273994X,9781402739941. 160 pages.

    Reveals how to design and construct dream bedrooms, with practical advice on selecting the right bed, ensuring sufficient storage, and enhancing a space with a home office, dressing room, or workout locale.

  • House Beautiful: the Organized Home

    Hearst Books. 2013. ISBN: 1588166821,9781588166821. 240 pages.

    A handy guide to clutter control explains how to provide common-sense storage and organization solutions to help keep the mess from coming back, offering an array of ingenious ideas for the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, kid's playrooms, closets, and more. Reprint.

  • The President as Architect

    Mount Ida Press. 2001. ISBN: 0962536830,9780962536830. 158 pages.