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495 Bedside Tables Pt 1

I'm sure you've heard the trope "The cobbler's children have no shoes"? Well the same thing in the Vanderlist household can be said about furniture. Around h...

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    Bedside Table

    The crap on my bedside table correct now. I really need to clear it. 1. Essential oil bottles - tea tree & thyme 2. Moisturiser 3. Angel: After the Decrease and Buffy S8 comic 4. Garden State & Unseat it on DVDs...

    Photo by jainaj on Flickr

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    bedside table and lamp

    We in point of fact have 2 bedside tables to get rid of.

    Photo by kfergos on Flickr

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    Mazzali: "Accento" bedside table and caddy of drawers. Bedroom area

    Accento bedside table and casket of drawers. 100% made in Italy Comò e comodino Accento

    Photo by MAZZALIARMADI.IT on Flickr

  • Where can I put one's finger on a cheap dresser and bedside table?

    I necessary a cheap dresser and bedside table. They have to be white with round knobs for handles. And veryy reasonable!! Also, Im a teen and AI've already checked Ikea they dont have anything I like. Thanks. But not inured to, please.

    Stop goodwill-I did get great buys there. You can wipe stained pieces down with solution sandpaper (Home Depot) and some sanding, then branch out with gray primer and then white-or paint a four layers of good satin emamel latex. If they don't have the...

  • The self-help books on Zuma's bedside table

    “Of course the president reads,” explained his spokesperson MacBook Maharaj, “and not just classics like Career Opportunities for Origami Majors.” We go into Zuma's bedroom for an exclusive peek at what's on the president's bedside table – and JZ

  • Mumsnet creaks under the strain of 'penis beaker'

    Obviously it can be a bit of a blow to find out that it's not.” Sara Crewe, a regular poster on the popular parenting website since 2012, asked fellow mums if their partners “dunked” their penis into a beaker of water left by the bedside table post

  • A fireplace is an interesting decor challenge

    If you have a large sofa that seats three or four people, then you require a large coffee table or two smaller tables side by side to accommodate this arrangement. Place a single chair with a small side table topped with a few frames or a lamp that

  • Simple changes can de-clutter your nightstand

    As electronics have increasingly crept into our lives, the average bedside table must also make room for tablets, cellphones and chargers. All this in addition to books and magazines, reading glasses, pens, tissues, earplugs, pills, water glasses

  • Debbie Travis: Matching furnishings to room's scale

    If you have a large sofa that seats three or four people, then you need a large coffee table, or two smaller tables placed side by side. Beside a single chair, place a small side table, topped with a few items or a lamp that doesn't overpower. Dining

The Storialist: Bookmarks Record/Bedside Table

Some wonderful reading worry here. Am reading a lot of poetry, too, including your wonderful collection. Source: The Storialist
@El_Wocd Well, I gotta leave.. {Peers over at the digital clock on the bedside table} .. About two hours ago. {Smacks my lips together} Oh.
@SamsungMobileIN #DesignLifeWithNote3 Happiness is good bookes on my bedside table i still hav to read
RT @Keith_Floyd_: When I go to bed pissed, I always keep a glass of water on my bedside table, to spill all over myself when I wake up thir…
RT @Keith_Floyd_: When I go to bed pissed, I always keep a glass of water on my bedside table, to spill all over myself when I wake up thir…
Struth! just seen Nigella wake up (on TV) with a bottle of Tabasco on the bedside table?? Does she know the old song re Tabasco & Vaseline?
  • Designing Your Dream Home

    Thomas Nelson Inc. 2008. ISBN: 1418566098,9781418566098. 386 pages.

    You can have the home of your dreams! This comprehensive guide walks you through every decision and addresses all the details that most homeowners don't even know to consider. In this step-by-step, room-by-room handbook, Susan Lang considers every aspect of your homebuilding or remodeling project, such as how to Hire the right architect, interior designer, and builder Design each room to perfectly fit your family's lifestyle Plan ahead so all your storage needs are met Determine the perfect...

  • 77 Habits of Highly Creative Interior Designers

    Quarry Books. 2013. ISBN: 1592531369,9781592531363. 159 pages.

    Decorating your home would be so much easier if you could go to the experts for advice. With this book, you can. All the advice you need is right at your fingertips. From the basics of design to room-by-room tips and tricks to those all important finishing touches, this book tells all-in the very words of some of the most creative and cutting-edge designers working in the field today, including Kelly Wearstler, Charles Spada, Tanya Hudson, Heather Faulding, and David Ling among many others....

  • Making Fine Furniture

    Sterling Publishing Company. 2013. ISBN: 1402739648,9781402739644. 303 pages.

    "Master woodworking techniques that will give you high quality result in the shop. Then use them to make three beautiful furniture projects with proficiency, finesse, and artistry of an expert. Peter Anderson not only covers the fundamentals of furniture-making, he also gives you information essential to understanding the craft."--Book jacket.

  • The Table Book

    Popular Woodworking Books. 2010. ISBN: 1440310491,9781440310492. 272 pages.

    Build a table of any style for any occasion Need a table? The Table Book is just what you need. It contains 35 projects to choose from, each with complete plans, cutting lists and detailed step-by-step instructions. You can learn new woodworking techniques or improve or update your skills. Here are some of the table styles you can choose to build: Shaker candle stand Greene & Greene table Stickley poppy table Porringer side table Prairie-style coffee table Maloof table Creole table Queen Anne...