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Cherry and maple, 18" by 21" by 3.25"

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    Butcher Block

    Butcher block made to look like an antiquated.

    Photo by Selbe B on Flickr

  • meat fortstjohn butcherblock lawrencemeat

    The Butcher Block, Fort St John

    By nature the Butcher Block in Fort St John

    Photo by KyleWiTh on Flickr

  • meat fortstjohn butcherblock lawrencemeat

    The Butcher Block, Fort St John

    Incarcerated the Butcher Block in Fort St John

    Photo by KyleWiTh on Flickr

  • Do you devotion or hate your butcher block counters?

    I'm in view of doing butcher block, but how easy are they to maintain daily? We spill coffee droplets some times (and by we I vile my hubby doesn't clean it up and it dries). I'm ineluctable we would cut on it at times too, would raw meat or something like that tinge it?

    I Yearning butcher block tops!! scrub the butcher block with clorox excellent, then oil it with a good veggie oil twice! It won't stain as swiftly. in the bakery we had butcher block table that was 4 feet wide and 12 feet dream of! We kept that thing...

  • Ted's Butcherblock marks 8 years with a block party

    Come out today, October 12, to Ted's Butcherblock on East Bay as they take over the adjoining street for a block party to mark their eighth year in business. The theme this time around is "surf & turf": burgers, house-made sausages, kilebasa, oysters

  • The Block: A Butcher Shop Even Vegetarians Can Love

    Overview: Though probably not an immediate go-to for vegetarians -- the Block is, after all, a butcher shop -- this restaurant has a couple delightful entrees that non-meat eaters shouldn't miss. And if those dishes don't suffice, co-chefs and owners

  • New Black Mountain butcher shop on track to open this month

    It's the type of throwback, real butcher store that's becoming increasingly popular across the country — but this one will be completely farmer-run and locally supplied. Call it farm-to-butcher block. “It's an old-school method of going about it

  • America's 25 Best Butcher Shops

    Ten or so years ago, when we thought about a butcher shop, we most likely thought about an ancient storefront, a well-worn butcher block, a grizzled old man in a bloodstained smock, and possibly some hanging sides of beef in the back. While this

  • New Lafayette favorite: Park Bistro & Bar

    The menu is described as farmhouse, with a "butcher block" of aged steaks and chops as the anchor. The lamb porterhouse ($33), fresh from Sonoma, is first cooked sous-vide, then charred on the grill. If the New York ($35) and filet mignon ($39) are too

EatingAsia: Butcher Block to Mesa in Turkey's Southeast

The vital part is prepped within sight of diners and orders are ferried across the market's wide aisle and slid into a bakery's wood-fired oven, and when they appear dishes are carried straight to the table. Outside the city proper, kebap-eries go one better, combining restaurant, butcher, grill, and wood-fired stone-oven bakery under one roof. A solitary knife -- a mezzaluna-like ziir or a long-bladed single-handled instrument -- or two enormous knives or cleavers used together (pounding a staccato rat-a-tat-tat as the kebab maker brings them to bear, one after the other, on butcher block... Source: EatingAsia
In this village there is literally a butcher every half block but ours is the best #probablynothalal #donttellbaba
Butcher shop, open up ya top all you see is gold watch rolls royce roll block
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  • Butcher Block

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