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Kohler Toilets - Cimarron

A look at the water-saving Kohler Cimarron toilet--complete with Comfort Height, easy dry-lock installation, and a canister flush valve that maximizes flushi...

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    Kohler Toilet

    Exhibitors at Greenbuild 2010 in Chicago www.charlesandhudson.com/rural-building/

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  • Kohler toilet in my people's home's basement constantly gives off a sound of perpetual water. Is it leaking?Details below?

    I put some dye in the tank and no one leaked into the bowl. But the toilet keeps making the whole of water running. This ends when I turn off the soda water flow near the base of the toilet. None of the other Kohler toilets in my family make this noise. Your thoughts on this. Is the toilet leaking? Thanks.

    Pocket off tank lid. Now flush so the flapper comes up. You will see after most of the sprinkle is gone the flapper falls over a 2" loophole at the bottom of the tank. That is suppose to seal neck as the weight of the water in the tank holds the...

  • Miley Cyrus Is Sitting Pretty On A New $10K Toilet After Winning It In A Bet!

    I'll be thinking of him every time I go." LOLz!!! Congrats, Miley! Just try not to fall in! [Image via RCA Records/Kohler.] Tags: billboard, billboard hot 100, dr. luke, funny, highlarious, kohler, miley cyrus, numi, tacky and true, toilet, wacky

  • Third time's the charm for Martina Kohler

    As for the $6 million sewer upgrade, "All I knew about sewers when I came here was how to flush a toilet," Kohler said. "I can't tell you how many sewer plants I visited to learn about systems. I trained with Joe Mittaur (an Orange Park water and

  • Kohler Co. Wins Inaugural EPA WaterSense Sustained Excellence Award

    The WaterSense label helps consumers identify Kohler plumbing products that use less water but still deliver the performance they expect. Since WaterSense was started in 2006, Kohler has converted almost all of its toilets, bathroom faucets, urinals

  • Meet Japan's 'Apple of toilet tech'

    "Basically, we're the Apple (AAPL) computers of toilets," says a spokesman. The company has cleaned up at home and is now tackling the Americas. It already faces competition, though. Kohler's Numi, which retails for around $5,000, features hand-free

  • Living Smart: Picking a new toilet

    Get real about what you can afford. Toilet prices run the gamut, with lots of factors to consider, including color, height, flushing capability, technology and price. Many models will cost a few hundred dollars. But if you're willing to part with $6

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I have an older copy Kohler angle toilet. It flushes but the tank doesn't fill back up until you hit flush handle a second time. There is a inferior merchandise chain that prevents the toilet from filling if the flapper should hang up. If not adjusted correctly you will have the problem that you are describing. You can try reading the instructions and get the tickety-boo adjustments, but my advice would be to remove it and install the standard fluid master 400. The flapper and flush valve can arrest. Source: Plumbing Forum - Professional & DIY Plumbing Forum
Who knew a fake Christmas tree was twice the price of a kohler toilet? @loews
@loafdotcom I would take the Kohler Numi Toilet, not v. lady-like but heated seat & music, what more could you need? http://t.co/u99rZtVNPd
My job today consists of looking for pub tables and watching Kohler bidet videos with my mgr cuz we need a new toilet. what the fuck.
@Kohler our toilet has a slow leak and I need to buy a new flapper, where can I get one in San Diego county? Thanks!
Kohler Cimmron white,$499 + taxes!!!! Great one piece toilet!
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