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Office Chairs Buying Guide

Comfort and healthy conditions are the most important in any modern office. Managers, designers and other office workers have really tough schedules and plans because high level of competition on market makes them all hurry up in being creative and punctual. That is why such a simple thing like an office chair suddenly gets one of the key roles. Yes, it is the office chair where you actually spend about 8 hours every day. So if it is not comfortable or not good for your health then you will be much more irritated and tired and less concentrated. How should we choose chairs for office?

With no doubts, the most important criterion is health. Who would work well with their neck or back hurt? Ergonomic chairs are definitely the best option, however there is actually no common concept of „ergonomic” – each producer has their own approach and vision of it. That is why you are recommended to trust those brands who have good feedback among the users. Ergonomic chairs are not that cheap, of course, but buying them will pay off quite soon with proper well-being and motivation of your workers.

Anyway, health is not everything yet – for instance, there are really good office chairs with ergonomical construction but they are not comfortable at all. Some of them have not convenient shape, the others may be too stiff. Yes, your workers will be healthy, but they will lack comfort and it will prevent them from performing well. That ia why comfort is the other very important component you should never forget about.

In searching of compromise between health and comfort you are advised to pay attention to following parameters:

  1. Adjustable seat height. It is absolutely obvious thing, the best choice will be pneumatical adjusting mechanism.
  2. Seat depth. They say that the healthiest seat depth (the distance between the back and the lower parts of a chair) is about 3-4 inches. Taking into consideration different height and weight of workers the back part should be adjustable in order for them to tilt it to the most comfortable position.
  3. Such things, like good seat material, swivel mechanism, back and arm rests are significant as well.
Choosing an office chair you are recommended to remember about one thing – one should never cut costs on health and comfort, because they difrectly influence on the effectiveness of workers. It does not matter you should immediately go and buy something from top brands, you are just supposed to have reasonable approach to this issue.

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