About Us

Lot Near You is eBay local search service. Just enter your zip code and a keyword to search for, and we are to find the best offers in your area.

Searching within a range of 150mi from your location, we are sure to provide all the interesting options, even those offered in rather distant areas. Found items are marked on an interactive map. So, you are free to visually assess the item’s location and select the distance acceptable for a travel. Besides, our website is focused on finding different furniture items, since buying furniture at a local retailer is quite a good bargain, you know. Well, you still have an option of searching for any other items, from Xbox to excavators.

Why eBay local purchases are cost-efficient?

Pick-up only items

Most vendors mark their lots as "free local pick-up". Typically, they do so to bypass the issues of packaging and delivery, or the item is just too weighty to be dispatched. With fewer bids, pick up only items are often offered at a much cheaper price. Using a service of local search, you have a chance to close a good deal.

Large and heavy goods

Often, the cost of delivery of an oversized good may exceed the item’s price. Buying from a local retailer, you significantly reduce the shipping fee.


Sending small and cheap goods by mail, say some collector's pieces, is also uneconomic.

Fragile or perishable goods

When collecting the goods individually, you are always free to check the purchase, to make sure it meets your expectations and has no defects. No worries about the delivery of fragile things, since you control the process independently. Some items are just unsuitable for long delivery, like live plants, for example.

Some more tips from us

  • Always check the exact location of the good and the trade details. To create the service, we used a number of software tools and API, which sometimes fail to provide an accurate result.
  • Stay safe when collecting. You can also use a courier to pick up your purchase. Know your rights of an eBay buyer. Deal with the sellers that feature good ratings.