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Building a Patio Bar

Fun times building a backyard Bar!!!!! Pardon my messy garage & Yard :(

  • bar furniture patio

    patio bar furniture

    patio bar furniture we are a factory to produce the led illuminated furniture. our factory is from china. it is mainly covered by led dance floor,illuminated waterproof led ball,disco led furniture,led bar counter,led...

    Photo by on Flickr

  • restaurant dc washington patio patiobar 2011yip 3652011 2011inphotos

    Patio Bar, Early Spring | 087/365

    This patio bar next to my hotel doesn't look like it's quite ready for the spring and summer rush. 2011YIP 3.28.2011 View my 365 project here.

    Photo by mfhiatt on Flickr

  • bar furniture patio

    patio bar furniture

    patio bar furniture we are a factory to produce the led illuminated furniture. our factory is from china. it is mainly covered by led dance floor,illuminated waterproof led ball,disco led furniture,led bar counter,led...

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  • What are the get the better of patio bars or hangouts in Tulsa?

    Looking for the overpower hangout patio bars to take some friends to so we can nightcap and be able to talk to each other without yelling like we do in clubs. Any real one's in Tulsa, if so let me know, thanks.

    BruHouse in Brookside! Monstrous patio, great people, suprisingly cheap drinks. El Guapos Mexican Restaurant downtown also has a smashing patio.

  • Troy wine bar converts outdoor patio into year-round attraction

    The popular outdoor patio at the Charles F. Lucas Confectionery & Wine Bar in downtown Troy, NY will soon become a year-round destination because of a major investment by owners Vic Christopher and Heather LaVine. They are spending $55,000 on a 

  • Houston's Top 10 Rooftop Bars and Lounges

    Now that the weather is much less heinous, the world of rooftop patio bars is akin to hanging out in heaven. There's someone watch or dance with no matter where you turn. If you can make it over to the DJ through the mad crush of people, chances are he

  • Illegal patio and deck stripped from Tapia's bar

    ST. THOMAS - While awaiting sentencing for drug trafficking crimes he committed while he was director of enforcement for the Department of Planning and Natural Resources, Roberto Tapia appears to have arranged for the dismantling of parts of a bar he 

  • Five things to know about the new Park View Patio

    "Patio" is in the name for a reason. Park View Patio's back garden extends the full width of two storefronts – both Park View and the neighboring beauty salon. It's covered with picnic tables and has a decent-sized outdoor bar. (The bar itself is not

  • Skyy Bar opens in Danbury

    Skyy Bar & Lounge is an upscale 18 and over bar, featuring an outdoor patio, VIP lounge and two DJs. Photo: Tyler Sizemore | Buy This Photo. A youthful crowd hangs out by the bar during the grand opening of Club promoter Josh Adames dances with a 

Patio bar on deck » Close by News », Salem, MA

Once upon a time your first comment is posted by a moderator, all future comments will post automatically. If you prefer not to use Facebook, send an e-mail with your comments purchaser name (which must be the same as your real name), city or town, street address and daytime phone number to comments@salemnews. SALEM — Boston Harbor Cruises’ patio bar at the Salem ferry opening is slated to open next week. The company is in its second season of running Salem’s commuter ferry and signed a new, five-year corrugate with the city this spring. The new patio bar will stay open through Halloween, Nolan said. In April, Salem’s Licensing Surface voted to approve a seasonal all-alcohol license for the company, which... Source:, Salem, MA Local News
So radiant! peachykeeyne my best and I :) @ Proof Bar + Patio
Yup (@ Patio Bar)
My soundtrack: ♫ "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" by Revolting Cocks (@ Back Patio Of Big Star Bar)
#Prince in the house! @ Proof Bar + Patio
Just posted a photo @ Nathan's Patio Bar and Grille
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