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Kathy Vegh, The Home Entertainer sheds some light on 5 things you absolutely must know when you're shopping for a Pool Table. In this entertaining segment Ka...

  • orange pool table stock gothamist jwt

    Pool Table

    Orange is the color of the day, so it seems germane that the company pool table shows up here.

    Photo by Digiart2001 | jason.kuffer on Flickr

  • pool table balls queue photix101

    pool table

    Uncluttered set up of a pool table

    Photo by JJLosier on Flickr

  • penn universityofpennsylvania philly philadelphia pool table computer boxes 4029 dump

    pool table

    We have a unusually nice pool table at our place...it's a great place to store all our computer boxes.

    Photo by Shreyans Bhansali on Flickr

  • What pool table coterie has a horse on the corner castings of the table?

    I recently bought a acclimated to coin-operated pool table. I'm trying to find out what followers made it. Not positive, but it may be a Venture because that's what is casted into the currency box. Any ways on the metal corner of the table there is a horse engraved in the castings. I'm looking for either the website of the guests or a owners manual for it.

    Risk is the only one I came up with after searching several places. A few other places to try would be "Brunswick" pool tables and "A.E. Schmidt" associates in St. Louis. Those two have been in business over 100 years and would be a secure start for...

  • Pool table problem leads to arrest of 5

    LORAIN — A dispute over a pool table early Saturday morning at Mangines Bar, 229 Colorado Ave., led to the arrest of five men, with one man still wanted on a warrant. Police were alerted of a potential fight at Mangines about 2 a.m. As they were on

  • Cleveland Browns fan turns truck into pool table tailgate vehicle (Photo)

    Apparently, barking about how awful your starting quarterback is has become pretty common for this group of Cleveland Browns fans who decided to spice up their tailgate festivities with a customized pickup truck complete with a pool table in the bed.

  • 1965 Ford Mustang Pool Table: Behold The Centerpiece Of Your Ultimate Man ...

    Most guys would agree that any pool table is awesome. However, a more appropriate table that deserves such praise, is one that is actually molded after a 1965 Ford Mustang. Before you go thinking that we are proposing first-degree automotive slaughter, 

  • 13 of the coolest travel 'gimmicks'

    Its gyroscopic pool table has what's known as gyroscopic self-correcting underpinnings, which means that, in rough seas, when the boat tilts one way, the pool table tilts the other to keep everything on the level. Radiance of the Seas; from $1,155 for

  • Rene Pierre (UK) Introduce the New Delta Pool Dining Table

    With many homes using the family dining room perhaps only once or twice a year, could turning it into a 'Den' for the kids and their friends have major benefits for all involved? The leading French manufacturer of combination pool billiard tables, Rene

Duke of Kent in pitshanger has got to be the worst boozer ever. Imagine no tv's and no pool table or dart board. Near on £5 for a pint n'all
Well this should be interesting, have to get a full size pool table down stairs hahahaha
Twerkin on the pool table https://t.co/1U3MvfmDBB
If anyone wants to buy a pool table give me a shout, selling mine
@rajhundal @EscapePoolBar See you play last night, i played snooker, your ability on a pool table is amazing! How long you played for now?
  • Tricks and Games on the Pool Table

    Courier Dover Publications. 1967. ISBN: 0486218147,9780486218144. 94 pages.

    79 tricks and games, some solitaires, some for 2 or more players, some competitive. 40 figures.

  • The Pocket Book of Pocket Billiards

    Workman Publishing. 2013. ISBN: 076116250X,9780761162506. 48 pages.

    From the bestselling author of "The Miniature Book of Miniature Golf" comes an original gift: a complete miniature, working pool table, plus balls, rack, cue, and bridge, packaged with a 48-page full-color book that explains how to play more than 30 games.

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