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TV stands buying guide

TV stands used to have only practical meaning about 25-30 years ago, but now they are an important part of home interior. Looking at such a great variety of products from hundreds of producers customers sometimes do not understand anything and need help in choosing. So what should one know before buying a TV stand?

  1. Size of your TV and other equipment if you have some. It sounds rather obvious – buying a stand one should know dimensions of a TV set and other devices that he or she uses.
  2. Number of shelves. It is quite easy to figure out too – one shelve for one piece of equipment. If you are planning to buy something more then and to set it to the same stand then you are recommended to search for a stand with adjustable number of shelves – those that you do not need now may be removed till they are needed. Finally, you may always find them useful if you purchase some additional loudspeakers or multimedia player.
  3. Material. Most people are sure that glass is more interesting and nice but at the same time everyone is aware of its fragility. The wooden models definitely are more durable and long-lasting, however for some customers they may have less aesthetic value. There is actually one more option – combination of materials. For instance, there may be a wooden base and glass parts. Actually it is a good compromise.
  4. Assembly and mobility. It is always better to buy a stand with is easy to mount and dismount and which has the fewest numbers of small parts. In general, one screwdriver should be enough to assemble and install a good TV stand. Mobility is an important thing too – if a stand is easy to put to another place it is very good, because once you may wish to renovate your room and to make some rearrangement.
  5. Convenient design. In addition to pretty design a TV stand should be easy to clean. Otherwise it will make you nervous quite soon. Anyway one should never use any cleaning substances especially for glass parts because they are all abrasive and very harmful for materials of TV stand.
  6. Look. TV stand should suit your interior well if you care about interior, of course. In case if you are not an expert in home design we would just recommend to avoid too bright colors and chose more neutral – white, black or grey. Anyway, it is always up to you.

We recommend customers to buy TV stands considering your future purchases – maybe you will become a user of some game console etc. In such a case it is better to have some extra room on the stand to be on the safe side.

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    20110911 - ghetto TV illustrate + cats - IMG_3512 - 'those are load-bearing Atari cartridges'

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    Here's a slug of the new TV stand. Before this we were using our record shelf as a TV stand. PS: I can't believe we dusted it four days ago!

    Photo by Erik Mallinson on Flickr

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How to instate flat panel TV stands - Interior design

When you are deciding upon a assign to mount the flat panel TV, always anticipate the directions in which you will move the TV in order to be able to move your TV freely. If you neediness to know how high one should hang a flat screen TV. Actually, the height of the room is the element that you need to depend on. For opulence, you should hang your flat TV at a height where you will not strain your neck. If you are a practical person, opt for a glass TV stand that has built-in shelves where you can collection up your DVDs or you can go for a glass TV stand that has glass doors and compartments. Source: » Interior design ideas and decorating ideas for home decoration
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