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Le Creuset Wine Holder Cube

Le Crueset Wine Holder Cube is a really smart way to store or display your wine collection. The modern design of this wine stack allows it to be fully opened...

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    Pinot Noir Wine Cube

    I bought a pinot noir wine cube from Target, and it's actually pretty good.

    Photo by Mr. T in DC on Flickr

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    Wine cubes.

    The Machinery, Inc. "Fun Committee" can't stop me from buying wine cubes now.

    Photo by stevelyon on Flickr

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    Wine Cube made by Target

    Photo by jodiwilldare on Flickr

  • Morality boxed wines recommendations?

    I am looking for well-mannered, boxed red wines. I like the value and I like the recommendation of not having to drink a whole bottle just because U pauperism 1 glass. I have heard some different things, currently have the Pinot Noir from Big Business. It's okay but even after decanting it still feels a bit thin. I've seen the bota box, the veille farm, the wine cube at...

    I accede to with the Big House Pinot being a little light, but I found that divers of the other Octavin Red wines have nice body and are amongst the best boxed wines you can find. They are all priced about the same ($20 for 3 liter box) Here are some of...

  • Organize Your Drawers With Egg Cartons And Ice Cube Trays

    We are republishing a fabulous tip from the book on how to organize your drawers. Is your dresser drawer starting to look like someone ransacked it? Egg cartons and plastic ice cube trays make great organizational tools for jewelry, cuff links and

  • WINING ABOUT THE GOOD LIFE: There's hope in wine industry newbies

    The wine importer then asked the waiter whether the "ice cube in the Pinot Noir lady" had ordered more than one glass of the wine. "She had three," the waiter replied. The importer suggested that were the waiter to refrain from suggesting a wine the

  • James Laube

    There's little denying the role of the winemaker in creating any wine, but how does one measure that against the signature of the site? Here's how a trio of Americans put terroir to a hands-on test. The ground rules for the Cube Project were simple

  • Meringue-Based Cakes, Fried Turkey Tails and More

    In a couple of weeks, the shop's seating area, with a coffee counter for espresso drinks, will be turned into a wine bar after 5 p.m. Meanwhile, although the East Hampton location is closed, Ms. Kazickas hopes to reopen in another location in that town

  • In Manhattan, Alex Atala Offers a Sense of São Paulo

    Which is not to say that this dinner, the first D.O.M.-style meal he ever cooked in the United States (as part of the New York City Wine and Food Festival), was free of stress. Pulling off the feast depended on the arrival of two team members from D.O

Borg Cube Wine Stopple Will Assimilate Your Wine

It’s bootless to resist good wine, and this Borg Cube wine stopper will help you keep your open bottles fresher for longer. You’ll be expert to spot your bottle of wine in the dark by its creepy green glow (batteries included). Source: That's Nerdalicious!
@BrunetteBanker Any time! I can rationalize anything, especially food and wine.
Leftover wine can be frozen in ice cube trays, then later added to simmering meat dishes or spaghetti sauce #recipes #foodies
Ugh! Why in the hell did it smell like red wine near my cube? #nauseating
Uncorks a bottle of wine................
  • Oldman's Brave New World of Wine: Pleasure, Value, and Adventure Beyond Wine's Usual Suspects

    W. W. Norton & Company. 2010. ISBN: 0393339521,9780393339529. 333 pages.

    PBS wine guru Mark Oldman quenches the universal thirst for the affordable gems coveted by insiders. Weary of buying the same old wines again and again? Wine personality Mark Oldman—known to millions of PBS viewers as a main judge on The Winemakers and winner of the Georges Duboeuf Wine Book of the Year Award—is here to rescue your taste buds with a groundbreaking guide to irresistible wines of moderate cost and maximum appeal. In his signature style that Bon Appétit calls "wine speak without...

  • Wine Wars

    Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. 2011. ISBN: 0742568210,9780742568211. 264 pages.

    Writing with wit and verve, Mike Veseth (a.k.a. the Wine Economist) tells the compelling story of the war between the market trends that are redrawing the world wine map and the terroirists who resist them. Wine and the wine business are at a critical crossroad today, transformed by three powerful forces. Veseth begins with the first force, globalization, which is shifting the center of the wine world as global wine markets provide enthusiasts with a rich but overwhelming array of choices....

  • The Simple & Savvy Wine Guide

    HarperCollins. 2010. ISBN: 0062046381,9780062046383. 352 pages.

    When Leslie asks her audiences what types of information they want in a new book, the overwhelming response is a portable compilation of top picks. Leslie Sbrocco's Simple and Savy Wine Guide is packed with all kinds of glance-and-go lists for everything from what wine to drink with Thai take-out, to wines perfect for drinking in a bubble bath. Leslie also offers up an entire section based on her popular concept of wine makeovers, in which she takes an expensive wine and offers a similar...

  • Wine for Women

    HarperCollins. 2003. ISBN: 0060523328,9780060523329. 352 pages.

    "Wine is not to fear or revere, but to enjoy," says Leslie Sbrocco, wine expert. And that's exactly what she shows you how to do in Wine for Women, the first wine book written exclusively for women -- the majority of wine consumers. In Wine for Women, Leslie Sbrocco scraps the stuffy wine-speak and deals with what women really want to know about wine. The book includes shopping guides with hundreds of recommended wines, quick ideas for wine-friendly meals, and creative tips for sharing wine...