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Teak Wood Armoires

An armoire was once considered a very necessary piece of furniture in many homes. It wasn't until the middle of the 20th century that architects began includ...

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    This is the epitome of armoire I want in my bedroom. From the explanatory plaque: ARMOIRE Oak veneered with walnut and marquetry woods and set with silvered-bronze mounts Shape by JEAN BRANDELY (active 1855-67)...

    Photo by Joe Shlabotnik on Flickr

  • asian cabinet furniture antique chinese oriental armoire


    Asian Old Armoire Cabinet Bold and beautiful describes this antiquated Chinese armoire cabinet. The dimensions and squared proportions are magnanimous, while the style and design is beautiful. The light brown fulfil...

    Photo by Silk Road Collection on Flickr

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    I like my armoire. I also like saying "armoire". "Apparel" just isn't pretentious enough.

    Photo by static416 on Flickr

  • How can I get colour scuff marks off wood furniture?

    I have a Goliath wood armoire that the movers tried to fit into a bedroom. Unfortunately it didn't fit and they scuffed the wood in a few places. The wood rubbed against the door box in and now it has a scuff with some paint from the door frame. The destroyed is a dark stained wood, so the white scuff marks stand behind out. What can I use to get the...

    Try a mister completely eraser. I got permenent marker off wood with it. On QVC they have a really impudent product that restores the color of wood. Hope I helped

  • Victoria contractor salvages old wood from McCabe Building (video)

    His work is referenced as "early Texas with a German influence," and to give his beds, wardrobe chests, tables and armoires that stamp of authenticity, he uses lumber salvaged from old homes built in Victoria. Jeff Wright, executive director of

  • Decor comes with built-in tech

    The integration of technology into home décor has come a long way since clunky TV screens peered out of armoires and media cabinets; today's super-thin screens can come embedded in the bathroom mirror or attached to the wall like pieces of art. The

  • Creature-comfort gadgets can make you feel right at home

    The integration of technology into home décor has come a long way since clunky TV screens peered out of armoires and media cabinets; today's super-thin screens can come embedded in the bathroom mirror or attached to the wall like pieces of art. The

  • La Fonda renovation project done in Santa Fe

    Pueblo birds crown the tops of new armoires. “We tried to keep the whimsy and the fun in The original La Fonda furniture was a mix of painted wood, carved furniture, Spanish antiques and plain wood. The new furniture mirrors that mix. Not long

  • A French Family

    On my maternal side, my grandpa was a woodworker and built beautiful armoires and other pieces, still standing to this day, with sculpted details and wood rivets, heavy steel keys and gold nails. One such armoire was my bed during the summer vacations, 

A Zephyr of Fresh Air: Insanity and Armoires!

It's a bathe slate awaiting lovely floors, followed by a good deep clean, and then the decorative layer can be reinstalled in a green way. Like moving but not moving. Well, with the old pine armoire emptied of shelves, books, china, glassware, antediluvian bottles of things we no longer imbibe in, more glasses, and what appeared to be 50 lbs. The lovely can of Annie Sloane's Chalk Cosmetics in Paris Grey was hiding in the corner on that lower shelf - it has been waiting there for well over a year. Bob thought I'd misspent my marbles starting a big job the day prior to putting in floors - I thought it the perfect time as it didn't matter if I dripped dye on the carpet, hey I could even trip over the... Source: A Breath of Fresh Air
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  • Cape Antique Furniture

    Struik. 2004. ISBN: 1868729397,9781868729395. 432 pages.
  • French Furniture and Gilt Bronzes

    Getty Publications. 2008. ISBN: 0892368748,9780892368747. 392 pages.

    "Each object is described and analyzed in terms of its provenance and published history, as well as its construction, materials, and conservation. With its painstaking attention to detail, this volume is the definitive catalogue of the Getty Museum's collection of French Baroque furniture and will be of interest to scholars, conservators, and all students of French decorative arts."--BOOK JACKET.

  • Trade Catalogs on Cedar Chests and Armoires; Wood and Upholstered Furniture, Metal and Glass Furniture, Veneer and Lacquer Finished Furniture

  • Accounting

    John Wiley & Sons. 2010. ISBN: 0470534788,9780470534786. 1360 pages.

    With this fourth edition, accountants will acquire a practical set of tools and the confidence they need to use them effectively in making business decisions. It better reflects a more conceptual and decision-making approach to the material. The authors follow a "macro- to micro-" strategy by starting with a discussion of real financial statements first, rather than starting with the Accounting Cycle. The objective is to establish how a financial statement communicates the financing,...